My Hiatus Is Over!!

Everyone!! My hiatus is finally over!


What hiatus?

I really didn’t realize how long I had been gone for until I looked at my blog and the last thing I posted was in January!! Say whaaaa?!

I can’t tell you exactly as to what happened, but I just wasn’t feeling creative anymore. Things that once mattered…didn’t. Now, don’t take that as I was depressed because I definitely wasn’t. I just wasn’t interested in writing anymore or creating content like I was. My interest was spending time with my family and creating physical things. I started drawing again and creating drink coasters once again. And just creating things that were hands-on versus on the computer. I hope that makes sense.

You see, I wasn’t creating content that I was passionate about. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVED creating content for you guys with tips and tricks and such…but it just never hit home for me anymore. I’ll be having another blog post in the future about blogging your own way instead of trying to do what every other blogger out there is doing or telling you how to do it. Be true to you. And that was something I was struggling with.

After months of not really being on social media (with the exception of SnapChat – ¬†you can follow me there @ Kaycee.Lou) or creating any content, I was starting to feel rejuvenated. Except…I didn’t know what to post about or blog about. I just didn’t have that drive for any topic really.

And I still really don’t…lol

I did, however, want to stop in today and just let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you all. We have been dealing with some things at home and I’ve really just been focused on family this past year. I wish I could go into more details, but I can’t. I hope you understand.

On a side note: I have been on a creative venture! I’ve been making my drink coasters again and some other home decor items and I’m super excited to say that I will be opening up a shop here in the near future!

So stay tuned for that <3

I hope this post finds you well and I hope you continue to check in periodically. Like I said…there are some new changes coming and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Love & Light,


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