Momma’s Little Helper Day Planner – Review

As mother’s, we are constantly writing things down so that we don’t want to forget them; on pieces of random paper, sticky notes, our hands, envelopes, etc…or is that just me?

Time management is so essential to our daily lives as parents that we literally have 30 alarms on our phones, sticky notes through out the house, a white board with the week’s schedule of things that are going on, we’ve filled the calendars on our phones too and if you’re like me…you use a physical planner as well. Nothing beats putting pen to paper, just sayin’.

Overkill much? Probably, but I am so busy all the time and have major mom brain going on at all times, that I would literally forget my head if it was screwed on tight. I can’t be the only one, can I?

I have searched high and low for an actual planner for so long, that last year I finally decided to make my own when I came across this thing called a bullet journal. Now, I LOVED the idea of a bullet journal and used it all year long. The only issue with that was…I had to create everything in it. Which for me is wonderful, because being creative is my jam. But it’s time consuming…and I just don’t always have time to sit down and color, though I wish I did.

So when Momma’s Little Helper contacted me, I got SUPER excited!

After checking out their social media profiles and website; I said, “Sign me up!” I’ve gotta try one of these bad boys out.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with these planners already. Seriously. What sets these beauties apart from other day planners, is that these were created with busy mom’s in mind. Win! I can’t wait to start using them at the beginning of the year.

**I received these planners in exchanged for an honest review**

Here’s a little bit about these amazing planners:

  • They come in 2 styles; floral and damask.

  • They have pockets both in the front and back! Major A+ in my book. 

  • As with other planners, it has a place for addresses, emergency contacts, important phone numbers, has a place for family medical info, important dates. And my two favorites…a place for important passwords and classmate contacts for you kiddos!
  • It has a place for meal ideas for picky eaters.
  • A section on pet safety!
  • And a section on if your leftovers are safe, what to refrigerate, how to store foods, safety with packed lunches, cooking measurements and healthy substitutions.
  • There’s inspirational quotes and tips on every page.

  • Also, it’s laid out in the academic style where you have enough space to write everything down for the day, instead of trying to fit everything in a tiny square. Plenty of space for note taking or making to-lists. The damask style has a place to meal plan for each day and to write down your goals for the week. 

  •  It’s small too, but not too small! Basically, the perfect size to throw in your purse or diaper bag. It’s spiral bound as well, so you can carry a pen in it.
  • The floral planner has the longer, rectangular boxes for the week; where the damask planner has the columns.

    As you can see, these planners basically have it all. Everything a mom could ever want, all in one place.

Here’s what I loved about them:

They are literally the perfect size.

They have room for me write everything down in one place. A place for meal planning, notes, goals, etc.

The damask style allows to me to color though I know that’s not exactly what it was intended for, but hey, whatever makes me happy right?

I absolutely love that it has pockets. You know…for all those random pieces of paper I know I’ll end up writing on. They can at least all go in one place now.

I love that it has cooking tips in the front…I’m not much of a cook though lately I’m trying to be better. So those will come in handy…someday.

Another thing I just can’t believe is included in this planner is the healthy substitutes!! Heck yes!

The quotes and tips up at the top of each page is the best idea everrrr!

And the overall quality of this planner is great. They literally thought of just about everything when creating this. Definitely with us moms in mind, that’s for sure!

And some of the things I didn’t love:

I personally hate flipping though pages trying to find the month I need. Having some tabs on the side for each month would be perfect! And even for the cooking tips and contact pages would be great too!

I also can’t be the only that loves the little strings that you occasionally find in certain types of planners either, can I? I wonder if there would be a way to incorporate that into the next edition when it comes out? It would make it that much easier to find your place when you’re in a hurry.

Also, I feel like these would be great for dads! Of course, change it up a little and make it more dad-like. But I think they could benefit from it too! Especially if they happen to be stay at home dads.

Over all, I would definitely recommend these planners to anyone. Including my closest friends who aren’t mom’s! These have been the best planners I have found so far that do basically everything I want a planner to do.

Be sure to check them out at their website Momma’s Little Helper and order yourself one…or two 😉

You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

**Kaycee Lou received these planners as gift for the purpose of testing and/or reviewing. No compensation for a positive review has been provided. All reviews are based 100% off of my personal experience and I never guarantee a positive review.**

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