Camping: Where You Spend A Small Fortune To Live Like A Homeless Person

Sometimes…you just need a reset.

A chance to unplug…unwind…let that shit go.

If you’ve been following me on my other social media sites, you know the last couple weeks have just been crazy. I was planning not only for my son’s birthday and party, but also a camping trip. Never again! At least not in the same week lol

One way for me to get my reset on is by going camping. Packing up and heading out of town. Be one with nature!

Below, I’m going to share with you some of the health benefits of camping.

And then a littler lower…I’ll share some of the pictures from our camping trip ­čÖé


First, The Fresh Air. How many of you enjoy that first breath of fresh mountain air? I know I do! There’s a reason for that! When you spend time around lots of trees, you take in more oxygen. Your body ends up releasing serotonin which in turn makes you happy. Also, you body can just function better when it has more oxygen around it. That’s not the only benefit of fresh air! Research has shown that spending time outdoors can help to lower your blood pressure, improve your digestion and give you immune system a major boost. When you spend days outside, in the fresh air…you stay away from all that nasty city pollution.

Second, Improved Moods. Spending time outside in the sunlight can even out all those levels of melatonin in your brain, which helps to improve your mood. Melatonin is that chemical that makes you feel tired and can induce depression in some people. Ever take a walk around the block and when you got back, your mood had vastly improved? Yeah, now just think of days outside and what it could do!

Third, Less Stress! This one is my favorite! When camping, it allows your to cope with stress or forget about it all together. Stress is a super negative thing in our lives, and it can affect your health in just about every way possible. You are putting so much strain on your mental and physical well being when you stress, and when you are camping…all that seems to melt away. The lack of stress can also be related to all the fresh air, higher oxygen levels and higher levels of serotonin and manageable levels of melatonin. Plus, it’s also just harder to get mad or annoyed when you are doing something you enjoy.

Forth, Sunshine! The sun is an amazing thing. It feels good on your skin (until it burns you lol) but the reason it feels oh so amazing when you are standing in direct sunlight is because of this thing call Vitamin D. You body absorbs lots of Vitamin D from the sunlight and in turn helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus too!

Fifth, Get Moving. This is probably the most obvious benefit of camping. When you spend lots of time outside, you are more than likely walking around a lot, or hiking to explore your surroundings. Even if you are just fishing, you’re burning more calories than your friends at home. If your hiking or biking, you’re getting your cardio in, and we all know how important that is!

Sixth, Getting Unplugged. This one is HUGE. If you’re like me, you like to go camping where cell phones don’t work. I know what you’re thinking, you’re going to die. But research shows that having tons of screen time (computers, tv’s, phones) can lead to anxiety, poor sleep and neck pain. Getting unplugged also helps you be aware of your surrounds and actually see the beauty in everything vs what your phone is telling you.

Seventh, Challenge Yourself. I have never been on a camping trip where this one was just like the last. There is always something new to figure out. Just like no two snowflakes are the same…no two camping trips are the same. There’s always somewhere new to explore, new friends to make or even just figuring out what food to bring can be a challenge┬álol

Eighth, Good Food. Chances are…you’re not going to have a ton of room to bring a bunch of crap food with you. You’re going to want foods that are easily┬ádigested, and foods that make you feel good. Cuz who wants to feel like shit on a camp trip? Plus, if you do any hunting or fishing…you’re eating fresh meat that hasn’t been tampered with. Talk about yum!

Ninth, Better Sleep. As long as you have good camping gear, this won’t be a problem. Your body will be exhausted from the days activities, your mind will be at peace and you will be able to fall asleep just like those precious little babies do. Sleep is an amazing thing for your body. It’s how your body heals.

Tenth, New Friends. Camping alone is always a blast but bringing a friend or two, makes it that much more fun! If you’re like me, you like to make new friends, but it can be hard. Camping gives you a fun way to come out of your shell and meet knew people you would have had the chance to before. If you invite a friend and they invite a friend…bam! New friends to make! Plus, it’s proven that socializing with others is good for your health too. It can help lengthen your life, help to improve your memory and just improve your mood.


And there you have it! The health benefits of camping. Amazing right? Who knew!?

Camping is by far my favorite thing to do. If I could just live in the woods, I would. Anyway, as promised…here are a couple pictures of our camping trip last weekend.



Talk about an amazing view! ­čÖé


Jaxon boy lounging at the lake.


Such a beautiful forest lake.


Do you follow me on Instagram? Then you know all about this little guy and his appearance in my daughters shoe!


This view though!


And then…there’s ME┬álounging in my super awesome find from Goodwill. Love that place!


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