20 Things To Do When The Kids Say…I’m Bored!

How many times a day do you here…“Mom, I’m bored”.

I probably here it a million and one times. 

It’s either my oldest who is tired of sitting in front of the TV all day, or it’s my youngest because the oldest doesn’t wanna play with him right then.

Crazy thing is, they both have countless toys or activities to do. There’s multiple sports they could go outside to play. They have a park literally in our cult de sac.


Neither of them have anything to do…

Say what!?

Back in my day (I say that like I’m super old or something haha) I spent all day everyday outside. Whether it was building forts with the neighbor kids, riding my bike and pretending it was a motorcycle or playing with the dogs. I was always outside. Hardly ever watched any TV. There was no such thing as “it’s too hot out!” 

Please. I used to drink from the hose. I lived. And so will you. 

Moving on…

Sometimes, it does get boring doing the same old thing everyday. I know I get bored sometimes. So I’ve complied a list of 20 things that you can do when the kids tell you…”they are so bored, they are going to die!”

*eye roll*

Here are my Top 20 ideas:

1. Play Simon Says – oldie, but a goodie!

2. Blow up some balloons and play balloon volleyball.

3. Go to an interactive museum. I know you have one!

4. Create a time capsule.

5. Host a movie night. Have the kids draw tickets, make popcorn and set up the living room like a theater.

6. Pull out Twister – another oldie but goodie!

7. Do a science experiment! Make a volcano out of paper mache’ and mix baking soda and vinegar for an explosion!

8. Have a lemonade stand.

9. Memorize all 50 states!

10. Head to a local farmers market and look for interesting produce you’ve never seen before. Even better if you buy some to try.

11. Construct a sun dial. Perfect if you live where it’s always sunny – like Arizona.

12. Make an eye spy scavenger hunt.

13. Try to replicate a famous painting.

14. Go on a walk and let the kids take pictures with disposable cameras.

15. Rearrange your child’s bedroom.

16. Mix homemade bubbles – 1 cup granulated soap or soap powder, 1 quart warm water and liquid food coloring.

17. Host a tea party with some one “famous”.

18. Choreograph a dance routine.

19. Explore small areas of nature with a magnifying glass.

20. Arrange a Jenga tournament.

So there you have it!

20 things to do when those rascals tell you they are bored for the 17th time in an hour.

If you’re lucky…I’ll create a larger list at a later date 😉

Please let me know if there is something you would like to see in the near future…drop me a comment below and let me know!

 <3 <3 <3

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