Boy, Does Summer Break Change When You Are A Mom

Remember when summer break meant spending all day everyday with friends, hanging out by the pool, staying up late, hitting the beach, going on road trips, vacations with just friends?

Boy…does all that change when you become a mom.

Now summer break entail:

Play dates and talking to moms you have nothing in common with. 

Planning kid birthday parties (yes, they are fun but tend to be more stressful than planning your own birthday…why?)

Instead of lounging by the pool, you are the lifeguard on duty.

Instead of just being “the girls” it’s now…the girls and a million kids. 

Instead of staying up all night…you’re in bed and usually asleep by 9pm. 

You don’t go on road trips because…are we there yet?

At the beach, you’re constantly wondering how much sand a child can consume before you need to have their stomach pumped. 

And of course…when you don’t have all those fun things going on…you and the pooch are hiding from the chaos that consumes the living room…

And there you have it…what summer break looks like when you are a mom. 

I’m sure some of you don’t agree…but the reality of it is…so much changes when you a parent. It’s not just you that you have to think of…you have tiny humans that need you to survive and apparently they survive on your sanity too…

What to know what other crazy things happen on summer break over here??

You find centipedes in your bathroom…

And if you live in Arizona…

I hope everyone is having a happy summer break so far. 

And hopefully those kids haven’t driven you completely mad yet.

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