5 Things to Clean in a Time Crunch

We’ve all been there…

We have one kid throwing a tantrum, another one destroying the crayon bin and yet another one screaming at us because their favorite shirt isn’t clean.
And then…you get that phone call or text…be there in 10!


I personally go into full blown panic attack mode. I mean…who does that to a person. Especially a semi-sane mama like myself.

My house is destroyed…my kids are insane and lets not even get started on what I look like right now. How does one get the house in order before your inconsiderate friend gets there?  It took me awhile to get a system down and I’m still tweaking every time it has to come into play. But for now, it works and gets the job done! 

So…without further a du…

Here are my Top 5 things I clean up in a crunch.

1) Pick up any and all clutter! 
Hit those living rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen…basically anywhere that your guest may end up seeing.

2) Anything that smells.
Trash cans, baby diaper pails.They gotta go.

3) Dishes
This one kinda goes with the kitchen. Just saying.

4) Vacuuming
I can’t be the only one that loves the way a room looks when it’s been freshly vacuumed. The rest of the house can be in shambles but the floors freshly vacuumed and to me…it looks amazing!

5) Yourself
Of course…you can’t forget this one. Run a brush through your hair, blot your face if you tend to be oily, throw on some mascara and a nicer shirt and your good to go! 


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