Let’s Lift Each Other Up And Empower One Another

My wonderful peeps! Where have you been? How is life?

You are amazing and never forget that.

It’s been seriously just crazy over here for months now. Kids are out of school for summer so I’ve literally been referring wrestling matches in the living rooms, helping the kids make amends when they are mean to each other, lunches, dinners, household chores, plus my side hustles. Just typing all that gets me exhausted!
I have so many exciting things I want to share with you, but if I start now…we’ll be here all night and this would be the longest post in history #boring.
So I’m just going to chat about something that has been on my mind the last few days.
I have this wonderful friend that I met on Instagram. Yay Insta friends! Anyway, we are part of this group chat where everyone supports one another on their endeavors and shows support. Well, the person that is “in charge” or the “creator” of this program decided to kick my friend out of the group because she has branched out and decided to launch an eCourse on Instagram. Basically getting super technical and teaching you all the in’s and outs. Well, this person didn’t like it because she was “promoting” in the group. They have a bunch of programs on Instagram as well, but totally different material. I’ve read into both of them.
Here’s where I’m at on this:
Women should empower each other instead of being so hateful and envious of one another.
This world is a beautiful place and catty people make it ugly.
What other people are doing with their lives is not harming you. It seems more people these days are so worried about what others are doing…just waiting for someone to make a move, to better themselves…so they can bring them down.
If whatever a person is doing is not hurting you directly, than why try to bring them down? Why be jealous and fearful of what they are doing.
We should be doing our best to bring each other up, support one another on our endeavors, love each other like it was intended.
Who cares if someone is doing the same thing as you. If they aren’t stealing your ideas…why does it matter? Did you ever stop to think, that being in the same niche as someone was to your benefit? Why not ask them questions? Bounce ideas off them. Better yourself with their knowledge. You could really help each other if you just stopped being so run by fear.
Being competitive will only make you so happy. Helping others, opening your heart to them…that is where true happiness lays. That is where long term happiness lives.
Stop with all this short term crap. Short term happiness is just that. Short lived. You’ll end up miserable again when the novelty wears off.
Stop being mean girls and start lifting one another up. That goes for you too guys. Stop being mean boys and help one another. Stop the macho bullshit.
Nobody cares.
Love one another.
Life is beautiful.
People are beautiful.
The sooner you realize that, the better and happier you’ll be.
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