Hello Friends! It’s Taco Tuesday!

Hi Friends! Happy Taco Tuesday! I hope you are having a fab day šŸ™‚

As of late…I’ve been a little absent from my blog. Not that you probably have noticed because there are more important things in life to attend to…like tacos!
The reason for my absence is quite simple…life. Nothing outrageous or horrendously wrong has happened. Except if you count a skin infection as horrendously wrong then I guess so. Don’t worry. Everyone is fine, and it wasn’t me with the infection, or the kids. Which by the way…it’s healing nicely.
I’ve just been my normal worry wart self, losing sleep and just feeling overwhelmed.

And when I feel overwhelmed…writing is the last thing on my mind and if I do write…it’s usually negative and who wants that?

Kids in general are a non-stop job and then picking up the slack when someone is down and out just takes a toll after awhile.

I’ve literally just been in survival mode the last couple weeks.

Feed kids, take them to school, sit in a hospital room, pick kids up, run errands, help with homework, make dinner, bed time routines and dinner delivery.

There was just no time to write.

But things are starting to look up and that’s what I’m focusing on.

Because what you dwell on…you get more of.

Remember that.

Here are a little tid bits from the last couple weeks, that I want to share with you. Because with all the negative that was happening…these little things brightened my day.

Helping Wes with his first big project was just the pick me up I needed. I LOVE getting crafty and doing it with my kids makes my heart whole.


When I finally found this in the store! At Costco no less, so I got an even bigger bag!

They are so delish and I don’t feel guilty after having some either. Major plus!

I’m literally OBSESSED with Acai bowls. I’m not sure why I put off trying them for so long, I guess maybe the smoothie in a bowl thing? You have to try them! You can make them yourself, you just have to get the little Acai Superfood Packets which you can find the in the freezer section with all the frozen fruit.

You’re welcome.

And how could I forget that moment when Jax was pouting in the back of the truck because we didn’t go for a ride? He literally wouldn’t get out of the back of the truck. Pretty sure he stayed there for the better part of an hour. All because he wanted to go for a ride and I wouldn’t take him…boys.

Fun fact about me: I’m a hippie at heart.

I love all things wild & free.

Hippies just have such a peaceful way of living and it just calls to me.

It makes my heart sing a song that only I can hear and it’s beautiful.


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