What Happens On Spring Break….

Hi friends!

Happy Friday!
I’m ready for some nachos! Though I told myself I wasn’t going to eat anything bad today…hmm…

…decisions, decisions…

Anyone have a delicious, healthy nacho recipe they would love to share?

Because obviously… I need one!

You can leave it in the comments below, or just shoot me an email…that may even be better!


It’s spring break over here!



Party time!


Woo woo woo woo woo!

Okay…honestly, we’re not partying over here like college students. That ship has sailed till the kids are in college. Am I going to be too old to party like that when they are both off to college?? That’s like…another 13 years! And that’s if we don’t have another one…

Psh, there is no such thing as too old.

We got this.

….moving on…

Here’s a little recap on what our week has looked like so far:

First, we headed off to a funeral. Yes, I know. Fun.

Then we had to go save my grandmother from heat stroke in the ghetto. I literally thought I was going to be kidnapped and used for human trafficking. Not only that, but I watched a drug deal go down right on the other side of my grandma’s car! What the hell! And to top it off, they those creepsters and drug dealers where making googly eyes at me. Back off boys, this girl is taken!

After took my aunt and grandmother home, we headed off for some delicious Mexican food! I seriously could eat that every day of the week and I really do think they should make it a major food group. Just sayin’.

And at some point, Wes spilled chocolate milk all down the front of his church shirt.

And I had left our change of clothes in my truck…at my parents house. So we were screwed.

Whatevs. He rocked it!

¬†Tuesday, we literally spent basically the entire day at the park. Like…literally all day. Both kids fell asleep on the way home and one continued to sleep after we got home.

It was glorious!

We met up with one of Wes’ besties from school and they had a blasty blast!

Two peas in a pod a swear.

Wednesday, we spent the first half of the day cleaning up around the house. Then the oldest took off to her aunt’s and hasn’t been seen since…

…don’t worry, she’s safe and sound. She just hasn’t been home yet.

So Wes and I decided to make a crazy amount of cookies…like 4 dozen crazy!

Even following the recipe I still managed to mess them up…but I improvised and I think they turned out better than what they would have if I didn’t!

Take that Betty Crocker!

Later that evening, Wes’ favorite cousin came to spend the night and all was right in the world again.

…until Wes told him that zombies could come out of the TV…

Thanks kid.

Yesterday, we were a bit sad after Bubba left so we ate cookies till our stomaches hurt and then went outside to fly kites and burn off some of that sugar rush.

And today…we are just chillin like villain’s waiting for daddy to come home.

Getting some loads and loads of laundry done.

And just spending time together…including the dog. Can’t forget him.

Oh! And I almost forgot…

My most favorite thing that has happened this week was when I was getting all the ingredients ready to make cookies and Wes started talking about the vacuum cleaner.

Next thing I know, he comes up to me and says “Mommy, I plugged in the vacuum…now what?”

Apparently, he had wanted to learn how to vacuum. So of course I stopped what I was doing and showed him how start, turn it on and just go!

For being a beginner vacuumer, he did a pretty darn good job. Not gonna lie.

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