Easy Peasy…Or Is It A Hangover?

As promised, I will be trying to update my blog as often as I can about my little journey with Whole30.

…didn’t know that I was doing Whole30? 
…neither did I…

I just started yesterday, so you’re not missing much! 

I am surprised by how smooth yesterday went…though they say the first day is always the easiest…we’ll see how today goes haha

Little break down of what I ate yesterday:

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology w/ Almond Milk
(whole30 approved of course)
Raspberries, Strawberries, Banana, Blueberries in Almond Milk
(AKA Paleo Cereal)

3 Eggs with Spinach and Avocado with a little salsa.

Steak, Sweet Potatoes and Corn

Pomegranate Juice 

P90X3 – Eccentric Upper

I also stocked up on some cashews…like a lot…cuz if my family finds them…there won’t be any left for when I have an emergency! 
Yes…I may or may not hide food through out my house that I just don’t want to share with…lets face it though…it’s pretty easy to hide things with these beasts. Nobody looks very hard before giving up 😉 
I must have them well trained….

…moving on…

Yesterday though, I seriously had so much energy and was in such a good mood. I always forget how eating whole, raw foods makes me feel. If I feel this good for the next 30 days…I may never go back to how I was eating before! 

Today though…and tomorrow is supposed to be the “hangover” part of this journey. Meaning, that your body is ridding itself of all the junk you were eating before. They say that how bad you feel, is directly associated with how much junk you were eating prior to starting…well…I ate lots of chocolate lol 

So far today though, I feel pretty good. Slight headache, but that could be not enough water since killing myself in my workout this morning. I’ll let you know later how I feel 😉 

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