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Where has the time gone?? Seriously.

I feel like it was just yesterday, that I went on this crazy little adventure with B.

I think I’ve complained enough and talked his ear off so much about it that he’s finally on board with going on mini adventures with me. Whatever works right?

So recently, we’ve started this new little weekend tradition of…GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE!

I’m always up for an adventure. I love the outdoors. I love exploring new places. It just brings so much joy and peace to my heart

A couple weekends ago, we dropped our kids off with their cousins, and took off for Fossil Creek to camp for the night. We didn’t get up there till well after dark. Jax jumped out of the back of the truck for a skunk…lucky him and us, he didn’t get sprayed.

Even though it was dark, we got a fire going and just sat and talked. No distractions. No kids. Just us. And it was beautiful.

B and I don’t get much time alone without our kids. We both had kids at a young age and they have always been apart of our lives. So it’s nice to have family that always wants to see them and can take them when we go on these little spontaneous trips with just us and the pooch.

Fossil Creek is so far…probably the most beautiful place I have ever been. It’s a natural creek and the water is clear! I’ve never seen clear water till I went to Fossil Creek. I’m from Arizona, it’s not like there is much water here lol

We didn’t go to the waterfall, as we had Jax with us and it seemed to be pretty busy there. BUT! There is a waterfall and it’s the most gorgeous one I have I ever seen.

Okay…it’s the only one I have ever seen.

The water is so clear, you can see the fish!

We hiked along the creek for a ways…get away from all the people that would stop by.

Seriously, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

…so far…
After Fossil Creek, we decided to head up the road and down to the Verde River and hike to the Verde Hot Springs.
Verde River

Little back story…

The Verde River Hot Springs was once a thriving hot spring resort complete with a hotel and several bathing pools. I did a little research, and though I couldn’t find anything with an definite answers, I did get a little information on it. The Verde Hot Springs was built around the 1930’s by a man who was brought to it by an indian guide who said it could help cure his cancer. After bathing in it and being cured of all ailments, he decided that everyone needed to experience. Up went the hotel. Unfortunately, it never caught on.

The hotel had burned down around the 1960’s and was left abandoned. Around the 1970’s a commune had been built around what was left of the hotel. Of course, the Government was too happy about hippies living in the rubble and “unsafe” conditions and came in and flattened it like a pancake. However, the foundation is still there along with one of the bathing rooms, a few caves with pools, and a few other pools in the cliffside.

What was once the hotel.

And what it looks like now.

I was in LOVE with this place. The culture, atmosphere, it’s history, just everything about it!

Anything and everything that has a history, gets my blood pumping.

Bathing room. The art work on the inside is always changing.
This little mini waterfall is created by the hot springs water that overflows. A lot of people jump from the foundation and into the little warm spot down there. The rest of the river is a little bit on the chilly side.
This picture was taken inside one of the caves. The pool here is cool water and slightly stagnate. Not terrible though as the water does continue to move in here.
The whole area is just covered in artwork. I LOVE it! This one reminds me of one of my favorite quote, “Do not fear death. But rather, the unlived life. You don’t have to live forever. You just have to live.”

This was inside the bathing room. As you can see, there were some enjoying the warm temps. I was told that this particular pool’s temperature was around 105 degrees.

Don’t mind Jax barking in the background. He was convinced we were leaving him.

This outside pools temperature I was told was about 98 degrees. Perfect temp for me!

(PS: Don’t mind Jax)

I loved this little quote/saying that someone had painted on the steps.

Did I mention that to get here, its about a mile hike up the Verde River and you have to cross the river to get to it. But it’s so worth it!

Also…you’ll want to make sure that you have a vehicle that can handle long, bumpy, unmaintained dirt roads. Like 20 miles long…

Did I also mention, that it’s a place that hippies and nudist’s frequent?

I may or may not have seen someone without clothes on while I was there.

I’ll never tell.

Stay tuned for more crazy adventures!

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