What, The What Just Happened!?

Um…you guys!!

Something crazy just happened!!

I have been trying to call this company, multiples a day, all week so far.

I’ve dealt with them for 6-7 years and it’s always a 45-60 minute hold time before anyone even answers the phone. Once you finally get a real life person on the line, they ask you a series of questions, you answer them and then they have follow up questions to what you said. It’s like talking to your kids where you have to explain the same thing 17 different ways before they finally understand.

And THEN, once they finish with all their questions, they put you on hold to call some people. THEN, they put you on hold AGAIN to talk to supervisor. THEN, they go through a series of closing statements. They’ve lost by the time they have to put me on hold the first time. I have no patience. By the end of it all…you’ve wasting half your day listening to nobody.

…but not today…

Today was different.

Today, I put in all the info they ask for before that real life person gets on the line. And then, a miracle happened.

Right after I touched the pound sign (let’s be honest…it was a pound sign before it ever was a hashtag) I heard a REAL LIFE PERSON speak to me!! I was in total shock that she had to say hello 3 times before I finally found my voice!

She asked her questions, she didn’t have to ask any follow up questions, she didn’t have to call anyone, she didn’t have to talk to a supervisor. I felt like this lady truly understood me and how important my time is to me. I was feeling mighty special by the end of the call. She read her closing statements, and we hung up….

…and then it happened…

I looked at my phone once we disconnected…I just HAD to check to see how long I had been on the phone for…


No more, no less.
Under 20 minutes?

Total score!

It must be the luck of the Irish…but I’m not Irish…

I’m just gonna roll with it!

 How has your Wednesday been so far??

Mine, seriously has been fantastic.



The kids didn’t fight this morning either!

I’m on a roll here!


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