New Year. New You.

Is anyone doing New Year’s Resolutions?

I’m not.
They just aren’t for me.
I just try to be better than I was the year before.

But…some where along the way…I fall off that path and just stay the same.
Same isn’t bad, but there is no growth in staying the same.
We only grow, when we get outside of our comfort zones and do things we’ve never done before.

So this year…this year will be my year!
2016 is going to be the BEST year yet!!

What are some things you are going to do different in the new year??

I’m going to try to better at goal setting. I was never a goal setter, which explains a lot!
I’m also going to be focusing a lot on my health. I have been on and off sick all year, and just not feeling myself. So this year I will be focusing on feeding my body whole, clean foods ALL THE TIME.
{{Want to join on me on that journey? You are more than welcome to come along! Just email me 🙂}}

Also…I’m trying out this new Bullet Journaling thing.
I think its the BEST thing ever invented!

I’m still learning all the in’s and out’s but from what I understand so far…you can add whatever you want to it! There really is no set way to have it. It’s meant for you to have everything in ONE place! Which is HUGE for me. I’m a big paper and pen person. So I write things down everywhere! …then I lose those papers…

Having everything just written down, in one place. Where I can just flip to the page I want…is going to be a LIFESAVER!

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I’ll be sharing more on this bullet journaling thing in the next couple weeks, once I get it down a little bit more, so I can explain it better to you 🙂

How was everyone’s Christmas!?
What did you do??

We just hung out at home and had my family over. No traveling for me 🙂
Then we went to the hubby’s family gathering the next day. Always a fun time with them!



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