Hiking Is The Answer…Who Cares What The Question Is.


Is there something that you used to do quite often??
But for whatever reason…you just stopped…

That’s a few things for me. I’m slowly getting back to my old self and finding my love for hiking again as changed my outlook a lot!

I used to go at least once a week during the winter…if not more.
But things happen and people change (for better or worse) and we stop doing the things we once love.

There is not a reason really…I mean I guess sometimes. My reason for quitting hiking was….my son. Don’t ask why I used him as an excuse. Probably because I didn’t have one of those super cool backpack things so I could strap him in and go…wasn’t in the budget back then and NOW he’s too big *sad face*

It finally has gotten cool enough for me to go out now and not die of heat stroke. Plus I just found that there is trail near me!!

I’m kind of a homebody and don’t leave very often anymore. There used to be a day where I was hardly ever home…now…I barely leave the house…
…don’t judge me…

What’s something that you used to LOVE and now don’t do?? What are your reasons for not doing it anymore?

I’d love to hear!

Also…if your not already…you can follow along with the fun over on Instagram @kaycee.lou.

Hope to see you there!

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