Did Someone Say Wine?

Are you a wine drinker?
Are you a wine bottle hoarder?
Really…any type of bottle hoarder would do…??

If so…then I have a project for you!

Aren’t these just the cutest!! ^^^

I’ve been saving wine and champagne bottles for a while now…originally, I wanted to cut them but…I needed a bottle cutter…and I just don’t have one…nor is it a necessity or in the budget at the moment.

Oh well!
House decor it is!

Ready to get crafty?!?

Here’s what you’ll need:

~ Wine bottles or any glass bottle.
~ Hot glue gun
~ Goof Off (optional)
~ Razor blade (optional)
~ Old towel (optional)
~ Spray Paint
~ Sharpie (optional)

First, you’re going to need some wine bottles.

Second, your going to need a razor blade and some Goof Off.

This is the only kind I had on hand, but it works really good!

Also…I’m pretty sure there is an easier way to get the labels off than what I’m going to tell you…but I haven’t figured it out yet. I do have some more bottles that I’m going to make some Christmas decor with, so I’ll try a different way then, and report back!

Then, you’ll want to spray the labels on the bottles with the Goof Off.

Let is soak for a few minutes. Typically, but the time you get to your last bottle, you can start working on the first. This is when you will need the razor blade…

…and just start scrapping away!

The labels should come off fairly easy…even the glue!
The Barefoot label…I was able to literally just peel it off like nothing. The others…I had to kinda scarp a bit to get it off. I think the reason may have been because I had soaked them in hot water before trying to get the labels off…whoops!


Now for the fun part…hot glue!

This part is fairly easy too…but I noticed I don’t really have a steady hand when I was having to squeeze the trigger which made the glue not cooperate with me like I wanted.

If you mess up…don’t worry!!
Just take your handy dandy razor blade and scarp off the glue after it cools down. Comes right off!

When I got to my last bottle…I was having trouble making an “O”.
So I got the bright idea to grab a sharpie and draw the word on there…

Not sure why I didn’t think about that before…oh well.
I know for next time!
It definitely made it a lot easier to just trace with the glue gun, instead of trying to write with it…

Now…it’s time to paint!!

Make sure that whenever you use spray paint…or any type of paint for that matter…minus water colors…

Always use in a well ventilated area!

I love to paint in my garage.
Blare some gangsta rap and get crazy with it!

 These are my favorites!
…PS: I’m super in love with the metallic one!!…

Now, you just have to wait and let them dry.
Typically it only takes a few hours. If you feel like they need a second coat…have at it.
But be careful with spray paint…I’m still perfecting my spray painting skills, so it happens to me still…even on these babies!

But spray lightly. Don’t go crazy, otherwise…it will streak and not the kind of streaking you see at football games…

I’m not sure if there is a way to fix the paint if it runs…haven’t figured that out yet. Haven’t wanted to try in fear of ruining it completely.
If you know a secret…please let me know!


Some Tips for You:

1) Any glue that you leave on the bottle will show…
If you make a mistake, and don’t fix it…it will show! Hot glue can be stringy…those little strings show up! If you look at the pictures of mine…you’ll see my oops’.
We live and we learn right?

2) Use a sharpie or some kind of marker to draw whatever design or word you wish to put on the them. Makes your life much easier!

3) Spray lightly! It’s okay to go over them again. They don’t have to be fully covered the first time.

If you end up making some…Post them on Instagram and tag me!
I’d love to see your creations!

{{So sorry for the lack of pictures! I have recently switched hosting platform thingys for my blog and all my pictures are gone. I also didn’t back any of them up either 🙁 please be patient with me while I get some more up for you}}