Um…She’s Like…So Unpopular…

Happy Saturday Evening peeps!

I’m going to be honest…I haven’t changed out of my PJ’s today…


And it was glorious!
I even slept till 9:30am which was even MORE glamorous.
I haven’t been able to sleep in…in…I don’t even know how long.

…also…I didn’t do anything all day either!

Okay…that’s a little bit of an understatement…I did go get burritos!
And they were oh so yummy!

Story time!

As I’m sitting in this drive-thru line…which is actually taken forever…I’m just minding my own business right? Just hanging out in the my mom truck – jamming out, having the performance of my life, okay…and then…I get interrupted by some meanie behind me honking his horn. Okay…I know what your thinking…he was honking at me. Well…he wasn’t! He was honking because this line was taking forever. Which I was totally fine with because I was entertaining myself. So, I get back to rocking out…and then he does it again! Like, what the heck dude?! Can’t you see I’m getting to the good part and you just honk your horn like that. RUDE!

It gets better…

…all of a sudden, I am interrupted again! But this time it was by the lady in front of me peeling out. Yeah, like Fast & Furious style peeling out, sliding around the corner into a parking space. I giggled to myself on that one…some people are just impatient. I get to the window and the lady there takes me card…next thing I know, the place is getting blown up inside! Not by a normal bomb that goes kaboom but major F-bombs getting thrown around. The lady that had peeled out, had gone inside to start laying into these poor burrito makers.

Can we say HANGRY??

I felt bad for the people inside. This lady was off her rocker that’s for sure. I mean…you’re getting burritos, how can you be so upset on a Saturday. Come on!

I got my burrito’s…thankfully…and headed home. Guess who was behind me as I was leaving?? That’s right!! Hangry burrito lady!

So naturally….I did what any sensible person would do…

…I drove really slow…

That was my excitement for the day.


We did get the bikes fixed, so now we get to go ride tomorrow!!
So excited!!

…back to the point of this blog post…

…dun dun dun…

Here are the most common ways to be unpopular in the mom world that I personally have came across.
I’m just gonna list them out for you:

1. Be a stay at home mom.
2. Be a working mom.
3. Vaccinate your kids.
4. Don’t vaccinate your kids.
5. Homeschool your children.
6. Send your kids to public school.
7. Breast feed your babies for as long as you can.
8. Be “that” mom that doesn’t breastfeed her babies.
9. Raise your children to be responsible adults by disciplining them.
10. Let your children run a muck because you don’t discipline them.


11. You can’t possibly be a mother if you had a C-section. Only vaginal birth makes you a mother.

Now…I’m not saying there is a right and/or wrong way to be a mom. Everyone has a different parenting style. If it works for you…great!!! That’s awesome! But please, please, please…don’t criticize another mother because of the decisions she makes with her own children. Okay, fine…maybe she parents her kids differently than you…does it make her parenting style wrong because she doesn’t do what you do??

Yes, there a mothers out there who do not deserve to be called mothers. I know a few of them. Most of these people are only mothers when it’s convenient for them. And other mothers, try their very best.

But who are you to judge them?
If you carried a baby in your stomach for 9+ months – then you are a mother.
If you adopted a baby who didn’t have a mother before – then you are a mother.
If you are taking care of someone else’s child because their birth mother isn’t in the picture any more – then you are a mother.

Mom’s come in all shapes and sizes and parenting styles.
Our babies didn’t come with instruction manuals on how to raise them. We, as their mothers/parents have to use our gut instinct to decide what is best for them until they are old enough to do it themselves and then we shall continue to give them our 2 cent’s even when they don’t want it.

We are supposed to be united in this journey and yet we feel the need to break each other down, and criticize, and just be plain nasty to each other.

Next time someone tells you why they don’t breast feed their baby…instead of judging her right then and there…why don’t you ask her why not? I guarantee there is a reason behind it…

This week and upcoming year…I challenge you…to be a better person, a better mom, a better friend, a better stranger.

Stop the judging.

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