Weekend Warrior



Guess how  my weekend started…

Yep…that’s right…kids fighting…

I still haven’t figured out what there was to fight about on an awesome morning like Saturday was, but apparently it was all over how many days it was till Christmas…


Can we just admire how cute this little snowman is??

Also…I should cross out days and put sleeps. Wes doesn’t quite grasp how days till something is. So we count the sleeps.

….back to the fighting…

I finally had enough and just locked myself in the office and caught up on the latest episode of Reign.

Have you watched it before! Oh my! You need to right now!

Go! Now!
Here’s the link: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/reign

While you’re at it…watch iZombie too: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/izombie

After I caught up on all the latest drama of the Kings and Queens…I started a little project that I have been putting off for months…



I’ve been meaning to clean this kids room and rearrange everything for him for the longest time…I just knew it was going to be a chore…


So I put him to work!

He enjoyed it. We both did actually. Dancing/singing/performing.
It’s the only way I know how to clean.

Of course, every time I ran to the bathroom he came after me asking if I was going to still help him. Like I was going to him do this tedious chore by his lonesome…I think not!


We had a helper…he was more distracting than helpful.

{side note: He’s name is Jaxon and he’s amazing!}

Hours, and hours, and hours went by…we slaved away…sweat dripping from our brows…

End dramatics…it did take us hours but only because we took a break to go to my parents to pick up some toys.

Little did Wes know that I had a trick up my sleeve….
Later on that night, I kicked him out of his room and locked myself in there. Pour guy just didn’t understand. I told him it was secret and he would find out when I was done…that seemed to cheer him up 🙂

My sister had got him this super cool bed tent that I just never put together. I just felt he was too young at the time – plus he still had a bed rail…but we held on to it because one day he would be big enough…well, Saturday day happened to be that day!



It’s still not done officially…but he does have so much more room to play now and build his floor puzzles. I still have a some posters that need to get put back up, along with some art work. And I have another picture to up for him. I’m trying to come up with a theme for his room…but he just can’t settle on one…so we have dirt bikes, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Cars and Toy Story everywhere. Meh…he’s a boy!

…then this project came along…


…but I supervised this one…


Before you start lecturing on how much sugar and carbs in this one drink…I already know how many…210 calories/30g carbs/24g sugar…

Rule #1: Everything in moderation.

…besides…I had this for dinner and this is pretty healthy. I improvised on this meal only because I didn’t want to go to the store.

I normally use baby reds and green beans instead. Still tasted oh so yummy though.


{keep an eye out on the blog for this recipe for this clean eating meal!}


Little man had his first school birthday party!! He’s getting so big and he needs to stop growing! Just stop! 




Kids had such a blast!

Also…I’m that mom that buys giant Nerf guns as birthday presents.
Sue me.

…actually…please don’t…I don’t have that kind of money…


Sunday also consisted of working on the bikes some more and me researching pointless things that I have an insane amount of interest in…
Sundays are pretty lazy over here.

I hope your weekend was as eventful as ours!
Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear about all your adventures 🙂

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