Overview – 6 Years Ago

It’s amazing the wreck I was 6 years ago. How unhappy, depressed and pissed off I was all the time. Every FB post was something negative.

Granted, I had a lot on my plate back then – brand new baby, kicked out of the house I was living in, bouncing around every couple weeks to a new friends house with my baby, no car, no job, no place to call home, a sociopath for a boyfriend, basically just a downward spiral that went on for months – just lots of toxic situations and relationships.
So much negativity.

After applying to a million jobs I finally landed a seasonal job at Target. Pay was shit but it was enough for me to get into my own place with Wes and stop living on peoples couches. I was able to buy a car in full with the money I saved up and what little savings I had left. I then got a better job at a dry cleaners, pay wasn’t much better but it was a stable job that paid more than what I was making. A few months into that job I was able to save up enough money (from tips) to purchase a nice 37″ flat screen TV. Nothing crazy but it was the nicest thing I had ever purchased myself since being on my own. Oh the little things!

After a year at the dry cleaners I was able to get a job at the preschool Wes was going to. I was lucky enough for the first year and half to have some watch him for me. Broke my heart having to take him to strangers, but he grew to love it there and learned so much. With this job I was able to support myself completely on my own. Pay for rent, utilities, food, car insurance and gas, tuition for Wes. I didn’t have much to for other things. I wasn’t able to go out much if at all. I couldn’t by myself any new clothes, so I was wearing the same clothes from high school. Every dollar I made went to Wes and what he needed.

I’m not sure how I made it work, but after 3 years I was back on my feet and independent again and didn’t have to rely on anyone to help me. I can’t say what that driving force was because I was totally unaware of it during that whole time. But my thought is – I have a strong maternal instinct. And my subconscious pushed my conscious mind to do whatever it took to make sure that that baby was taken care of.

I moved home to my parents house a few months before Wes turned 3. It was my safe haven. I had enough confidence in myself and my ability to take care of myself and my son on my own, I no longer needed the financial blanket of my boyfriend (now ex’s) family. I moved home and broke it off with him. He was crazy and I didn’t him showing up at my house when I was alone and I knew he wouldn’t dare come to my parents house. He did how ever show up my work a few times. Wasn’t long after living at home, that I met my soul mate. He is the best father I could have ever ask for. Wes adores him! Fast forward 2 years till now – We’re a happy blended family of 4 and we couldn’t be happier. Everything we went through in our past, has led us to here.
Where we are meant to be.

Just know, that whatever dark time you are going through, you can get out of it. You just have to have faith things will get better. It took me 3 years to finally get my shit together and become happier and healthier, not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. And the same can happen for you.
Just keep swimming! <3

And if you ever need anything, please know that I am here for you 🙂
You can find me on Facebook, Instagram or you can always email me {kayceelou89@gmail.com}.
I personally answer all my messages and emails, so know that it is always me answering you <3
Have a beautiful weekend!

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