What Is Clean Eating?

What is clean eating??

Well…what would you say if I told you that there aren’t very many health goals you will be able to achieve without it??


Yeah…I know…we’re not going to get Victoria’s Angels bodies by eating nachos, burritos and taco’s every day…and that makes me very sad…

…pity party over…

This is…we can workout all we want from morning till night…but if we keep hitting up the local taco shop one our way home from the gym, we’re just not going to get anywhere fast. We’re just not.

The simple truth is…you just can’t get healthy without fueling your body with healthy foods. Food is the ticket to ultimate health and feeling like a million bucks! Who doesn’t want that!?

Eat garbage = feel like garbage.
Eat healthy = feel amazing!

In my experience with clean eating…there’s a couple different ways to go about it. 

Here’s number one!

Fake food…meaning not natural food…food that contains GMO’s, chemicals, additives, preservatives and steroids out the wahoo, rule our grocery stores. Gross!
Those that are choosing to eat healthy and improve their health usually choose this option because they aren’t looking to lose fat or anything like that. They just want to be healthier. These people choose to avoid these fake, processed foods as much as possible. These people also choose to eat about 3 meals a day, others will just snack all day. It’s really up to you and what works for you. This is pretty much how I eat on a daily basis…I eat when I’m hungry and I try to stay away from the unhealthy stuff in my pantry that the fam bam insist on having for themselves.

Number two!

In my research, these habits are pretty popular right now.
Those that follow this method of madness to clean eating, choose to eat lots of plants! Food straight out of the ground. Basically, if the food has come straight from the ground, plant, vine or tree…you are good to go! I’m sure you have heard of the “eat food as close to natural as possible” phrase…yeah, don’t follow that. Too much room for eating crap. You want to stay away from foods that have been tampered with from the food corporations.
Eat all the meat! Okay…not all of it. But most meats are a great source of protein and should come straight from the butcher! When you buy packaged meats (like pre-packaged deli meat) you are taking the chance of getting meats with lots of nasty stuff added to it. Some, will buy whole meats and grind it themselves…why? Because have you ever checked the ingredient label on ground beef or turkey at the grocery store? Do it next time…and let me know if you still want to eat it…you prolly will and that’s okay. Just know…that it’s okay to be picky. Ask the butcher to grind the meat up for you. Usually, they are pretty cool about it and will do it for you 🙂
Whole grains all the way! Check your labels! Some foods will say that they have whole wheat in them…but when you check the ingredient label it just says “wheat flour”. NOT THE SAME! It has to “WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR” to be truly whole wheat. Brown rice is good but what’s even better is…QUINOA. It’s about the only food you can’t pronounce but should be eating regularly.
Along with checking your labels…go with the labels that have less ingredients in them. Meaning they are closer to how they are supposed to be and not processed as much.
These peeps also like to eat about 5-6 times a day. When I first started trying to eat that much a day…it was pretty difficult. I still stuck to my only eat when I’m hungry deal and now…I’m pretty close to eating that many times a day. When you eat raw, whole foods, your body processes it better and it’s totally normal for you to be hungry every couple hours. 

Clean eating always feels overwhelming at first. Even if you fall off the clean eating train and get back on…it’s always hard at first. That’s where dedication and perseverance comes in.
If you are just starting out…take my advice. Start small. Baby steps. Slow and steady wins the race. Now…if you are someone that is an all or nothing type of person..then by all means, jump with both feet and hit the ground running.
Don’t beat yourself up if you have a slip up. It happens. We all do it on occasions…I mean, come on…breakfast sodas have to happen sometimes…

Side note:

When you are used to eating unhealthy, processed foods…you’ll think that healthy foods don’t have a taste. It’s true. I’ve had it happened to myself before. Natural flavors just don’t do it for you, and that’s okay.
If you happen to be one of those people that doesn’t like healthy food because of it’s lack of taste…I’m here to tell you that your taste buds WILL change over time and healthy foods will be oh so yummy to you!
You just have to give it time.
AND, get this! Those yucky, processed foods you used to love…won’t taste so good to you anymore. Crazy, right?!
You’ll even be able to taste the difference in organic vs non organic.
It’s amazing what our taste buds can do 🙂

Time is going to be your best friend for your right now…at least till your body sorts itself out.
And know…that I am always here for you if you need me 🙂

{PS: I run a clean eating group on FB! If you would like in…Just click HERE and I will get you added! Hope to see you there!}

Much love <3

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